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Cowboy Logic

"When all around you are using common sense, fill the gap. Use UNCOMMON sense."

I am reminded in everything I do, that common sense is just that. Common. It seems to me, if we want to make a difference we need to stick our neck out and do now what other people won't, so we can do later what other people can't.

Cowboy Logic has a reputation as the type of thinking that charges ahead without planning with a cavalier grin and a devil-may-care attitude about the results. In the software industry, Cowboy Code is the term given software that was built in the late 20th century and early 21st century by a bunch of 25 year old millionaires who broke the industry open with seemingly endless bank rolls and a computer in the garage.

The truth about Cowboy Logic, is considerably different. It's a story of studied observation and painful life lessons that prepares a cowboy to charge into a life and death situation with an air of everyday work on the job. The thing is, the hours of observation and learning culminates in the right move done at the speed of a charging steer.

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Note: This is a nondenominational site that is not dedicated to any religion in particular, but is dedicated to the motivation, self ownership and growth of anyone who wants to make a positive contribution in their lives and in the lives around them.


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